About Top Horse Trails

Our mission is to get more equestrians out on trails and help more people get into horseback riding. Simple.


We built this site to help get more equestrians out on the trails. No more asking on social media if anyone knows of a good trail, recommendations of where to go, and getting all the same boring recommendations over and over and over again. Now you have Top Horse Trails to find awesome and honest trail reviews for hundreds of horseback riding trails - ALL FOR FREE!

To help keep this site free, all we ask is that you support us through Trail Submissions, purchasing products from our Trail Gear page (we get affiliate commission), or donating directly.

Meet Your Trail Blazers

It takes a team to ride all of these trails - meet the daredevils willing to ride almost anything to get you a good trail review!

Micahlynn & Journey

Micahlynn (Micah) is the founder of Top Horse Trails and built it out of a passion for helping to get more horses back out on trails and helping new riders get into horses. Journey is a 14 year old Tennessee Walking Horse / Arabian cross who is a failed endurance horse because he likes to sight-see too much.

Sarah & Oreo

Sarah is new to horses (started riding Jan 2020) and has quickly grown into one badass backcountry rider! Oreo is a rescued Arabian who was saddle trained at 14 years old (now 15yo) and is a natural born mountain goat who loves to tackle the hard stuff.

Christie & Boone

Christie oversees advocacy and partnering with land managers to ensure continued trail access for all equestrians. Boone is a 9 year old ranch horse who is still learning what a trail is why you can't just take off across the mountainside.

Maddi & Noche

Maddi is the most experienced rider in the group, also riding with the Evergreen Drill Team, and will join in when adventure calls. Noche is a 23 year old ex-endurance horse that shows the youngins' how it's done and makes it all looks so easy.

Tamara & Bullitt

Tamara is one of the newest Trail Blazers and is learning to take on new trail challenges with a whole lot of "oh my god!" and courage. Bullitt is a 9 year old mustang who will mountain-goat anything but still takes care of his rider.

Nicole & Ziva

Nicole is an experienced rider and one of our smallest riders, which perfectly matches up with Ziva. Ziva is our pint-sized wild child of the herd, a 5yo Arabian who was just start under saddle in October 2020.

Misty & Pogo

Misty grew up on a 2,000 acre cattle ranch in North Dakota and thinks all this crazy riding is awesome! Pogo is a 6yo Arabian who is still trying to figure out how to not be a spaz.