Founded 2020
About Top Horse Trails
Built in Colorado
Our Story

At Top Horse Trails, we recognize that many equestrians end up riding the same trails over and over and over because they don't know where else to ride, researching new trails can be frustrating, and exploring new trails can be daunting.

To inspire equestrians to adventure out more, Top Horse Trails researches and curates horse trails from all over and compiles the information into comprehensive trail pages so that riders can easily find them, confidently try them, and easily share their amazing experiences and inspire others to get out and explore more too.

Our Mission

We make trail riding easy... in every way possible.

  • Easy to plan.
  • Easy to coordinate.
  • Easy to join.
  • Easy to go.
  • Easy to get there.
  • Easy to be there.
  • Easy to capture.
  • Easy to share.
  • Easy to inspire.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Easy to benefit.
Our Values

We are obsessively curious and love finding amazing places to explore and sharing these treasured finds with others.

We sacrifice our fears to enthusiastically scout new trails while creating fantastic memories and experiencing hilarious adventures that will be told for years to come around many campfires.

We are living our best lives to help inspire others to climb out from under the giant rock of mediocrity that is holding them down and to do more than just exist in this beautiful life.

Our Beliefs

Whether it's someone just looking to get started with the basics or someone who had horses in their past and wants to get back into it - Help Them! The New Ones are the people who will help keep our equine adventuring alive! Teach them. Guide them. Instruct them. Take them with you on rides. Let them borrow your extra horse. But help them.

Be awesome for other people on the trail. Be awesome online. Be awesome and do awesome things for yourself. Have stories to tell. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at your friends. Embrace everything life throws at you. Stop being boring. Be Awesome instead.

Find cool things. Explore cool places. Share it all with others. In fact, take them with you and find, explore, and share them together.

It takes a team to ride all of these trails - meet the daredevils willing to ride almost anything to get you a good trail review!
Micahlynn & Journey
Micahlynn is the founder of Top Horse Trails and built it to inspire equestrians to adventure out and try new trails while also helping new riders get into horses. Journey is a 17 year old Tennessee Walker / Arabian who is a failed endurance horse because he likes to sight-see too much.
Sarah & Oreo
Sarah started riding in January 2020 and has quickly grown into one badass backcountry rider! Oreo is a rescued Arabian who was saddle trained at 14 years old (now 18yo) and is a natural rock climber who loves to tackle the hard stuff.
Christie & Fenn
Christie joined the Trail Blazers in 2021 with her new horse Fenn. Fenn is a 11 year old Quarter Horse who is quickly learning to adapt to trail life and Christie is a daredevil who will ride any trail no matter how difficult.
Nicole & Ziva
Nicole is an experienced rider and one of our smallest riders, which perfectly matches up with Ziva. Ziva is our pint-sized wild child of the herd, a 7yo Arabian who was just start under saddle in October 2020.
Maddi & Noche
Maddi is the most experienced rider in the group, also riding with the Evergreen Drill Team, and will join in when adventure calls. Noche is a 24 year old ex-endurance horse that shows the youngins' how it's done and makes it all looks so easy.
Misty & Pogo
Misty grew up on a 2,000 acre cattle ranch in North Dakota and thinks all this crazy riding is awesome! Pogo is a 8yo Arabian who is still trying to figure out how to not be a spaz.
Tamara & Bullitt
Tamara is one of our Trail Blazers in training and is learning to take on new adventures with a whole lot of "oh my god!" and courage. Bullitt is a 12 year old mustang who likes to do his own thing but is happy to take beginners on adventures.
Emma & Draco
Emma is our multi-lingual world-traveler who loves to join in on the trail scouting fun. Draco is a 15yo Arabian who is quickly learning to become a mountain trail horse.
Sarah & Holden
Sarah is a mustang trainer who specializes in training rescued Mustangs. Holden is a 5yo Mustang who is still in training and learning about the wide world around him.