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Allegheny National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails at Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania 


If you're searching for ideal horseback riding trails in Pennsylvania, Allegheny National Forest never disappoints. With numerous trails open for horse riding, this is unquestionably the destination for every horse-rider who seeks a blend of fun and adventure. Here are some specific trails you and your equine companion will undoubtedly love:


1. **Longhouse National Scenic Byway**

Located 7 miles west of Bradford, this trail loop offers a perfect blend of natural beauty. The Longhouse National Scenic Byway is 36 miles and covers some of the most scenic terrains within the forest. Be ready to marvel at the beautiful reservoir and breathtaking views.


2. **Timberdoodle Flats Wildlife Interpretive Trail**

This trail is one of the forest's shortest trails, beating 1.5 miles. Don't underestimate its length, though, as it offers some fantastic viewpoints. Additionally, the trail has separate loops, each of different lengths, allowing you to custom-tailor your ride to your desired length.


3. **Rimrock National Recreation Trail**

The Rimrock Recreation Trail contains just under 2 miles of scenic beauty that both you and your horse will fall in love with. From the breathtaking view of the Allegheny Reservoir to the awe-inspiring cliffs, this trail offers hikers a unique, unforgettable experience.


4. **Tracy Ridge Trail System**

The Tracy Ridge Trail System offers a whopping 33.7 miles of trail. Horses are delightful on this path, with different sections offering diversity in terms of trail length and difficulty. A ride here is sure to be filled with a mix of exhilarating challenges for both you and your horse.


5. **Kellettville to Nebraska Trace**

The Kellettville to Nebraska Trace trail is a calming, serene ride stretching over 7.5 miles. The trail leads hikers through old growth forest and beautiful creek bottoms that offer a refreshing atmosphere all year round.


Remember, always follow trail etiquette and maintain a clean, enjoyable experience for all visitors in these magnificent trails. Four-legged friends should be well-trained and comfortable interacting with hikers and other animals you may encounter on the trails. 




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