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Auburn State Recreation Area Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Unbridled Adventure: Equine-Friendly Trails in Auburn State Recreation Area 


Auburn State Recreation Area (SRA), located in California's beautiful Gold County, is renowned for its diverse outdoor offerings, including its phenomenal horseback riding trails. If you're an equestrian enthusiast, pack your saddle and take your trusty steed to these Auburn State Recreation Area trails that specifically welcome horses according to official sources.


1. Western States Pioneer Express Recreation Trail

 Stretching 18 miles from Auburn to Lake Clementine, this trail offers stunning views of the Middle Fork of the American River. It's a lovely ride through oak forests and open grasslands for riders of all levels. Remember always to stay on designated trails.


2. Quarry Trail

Start at the Highway 49 staging area and embark on this gently sloping 5.2-mile trail. Quarry Trail is a well-maintained path featuring remnants of the old limestone quarry along the Middle Fork, sandstone outcroppings, and signs of old mining activities. It's perfect for a relaxing horseback ride.


3. Stagecoach Trail 

This 3-mile trail traverses lush surroundings, taking riders from Russell Road to Old Auburn Foresthill Road. Historically used as a stagecoach path between Auburn and Foresthill, this trail now offers a picturesque journey for horse riders with its sweeping views and diverse flora.


4. Foresthill Divide Loop

Foresthill Divide Loop is a 11.2-mile trail starting at the Placer County's equestrian stage area. It's a multi-use trail encircling the Foresthill Divide, allowing horse riders to enjoy scenic views of the surrounding region. 


5. Pointed Rocks Trail

This 1.5 mile trail is part of the American Canyon Trail System. Pointed Rocks Trail runs from the Old Stagecoach Trail to the Western States Trail and provides a fun, less-traveled alternative for horse riding. 


6. Wendell T. Robie Trail 

Inspired by the renowned Tevis Cup endurance horse race, the Wendell T. Robie trail runs 15 miles from near Foresthill to the American River. This path, crisscrossing through forest and meadows, promises an exhilariting adventure for experienced riders.


Before you embark on these trails, remember to look for signs indicating horse access and review the state's horse-riding guidelines for a safe trip. 



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