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Bald Eagle State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Pennsylvania's Bald Eagle State Forest


Are you a lover of equestrian adventure looking for new trails to explore? Then you're in luck! The vast Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania is not only an oasis of nature's beauty but also a hub for horse-friendly trails. This article presents an exclusive list of horse-allowed trails in this forest derived from official resources.


1. Bald Eagle State Forest East End Loop: 

Composed of mostly gravel roads and trails, this loop measures approximately 27 miles long. It provides breathtaking views, especially during the fall when the leaves turn stunning shades of red, orange, and yellow. 


2. Reeds Gap Spur Trail: 

Tucked in the western area of the forest, Reeds Gap Spur Trail is a challenging 12-mile long route traversing along the scenic Reeds Gap State Park. Its rugged terrain and natural setting make it a favorite for experienced riders.


3. Hairy Johns Picnic Area to Poe Paddy Tunnel: 

This trail stretches for about 20 miles, charting a course from Hairy Johns Picnic Area to the fascinating Poe Paddy Tunnel. Trail-goers can enjoy the unique opportunity to ride their horses through the tunnel. 


4. The Ironstone Loop: 

At 36 miles long, the Ironstone Loop boasts of a serene, relaxing journey along streams and rolling hills. Riders enjoy the leisurely pace and the various picnic spots spread along the way.


5. Mid State Trail: 

Recognized as Pennsylvania's longest trail, Mid State Trail stretches over 500 miles across the state. This trail crisscrosses the Bald Eagle State Forest, providing several sections conducive for horseback riding. Its diverse scenery and landscape make it an adventure in its own right. 


6. Panzer Run Vista: 

For those in search of a beautiful sunset view, Panzer Run Vista is the right choice. This 16-mile trail offers riders a panoramic view of the forest bloc and the setting sun. 


7. Poe Valley Circuit:

Nestled in the east region of the forest, the Poe Valley Circuit comprises 18 miles of beautiful scenery, including lovely sightings of Poe Lake. 


While the Bald Eagle State Forest provides these exhilarating horse-friendly trails, it also mandates certain regulations to maintain its natural beauty.  Riders are advised to check for specific guidelines and weather updates before heading out.




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