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Bear Brook State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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**TITLE: Galloping the Trails: Horse-friendly Trails at Bear Brook State Park, New Hampshire**


Warm greetings to all our equestrian adventurers! Are you in for a journey exploring the horse-friendly trails of Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire? We have compiled a list of trails where you and your equine friend can freely roam and create unforgettable memories together.


**1. Broken Boulder Trail**


One of the several multi-use trails in Bear Brook, Broken Boulder, is known for its moderate difficulty with an approximate 2.5-mile stretch. Embrace the thrill riding through mixed woodlands while being mindful of the occasional mountain bikers you may encounter.


**2. Carr Ridge Trail**


The Carr Ridge Trail offers approximately 3 miles of moderate to difficult terrain, ideal for slightly more experienced equestrians. The trail is a journey of changing landscapes, passing through light woodland and open, rocky areas before ending at the Mountain Pond Loop.


**3. One Mile Trail**


True to its name, this trail is approximately one mile long, offering riders a shorter, more relaxed ride. It is part of the multi-use network and starts from the Campsite road stretch right up to the Sentinel Pine Picnic Area.


**4. Hayes Farm Trail**


This delightful trail is approximately 3 miles long, providing you with a pleasant, medium-difficulty journey predominantly through woodland. It's a multi-use trail, so anticipate some hikers, bikers, and perhaps fellow horse riders on your journey!


**5. Cascade Trail**


Taking you in a loop of about 4 miles, the Cascade Trail is known for its beautiful vistas and vibrant wildflowers. It's a multi-use trail offering a tranquil ride for you and your horse, with both flat and hilly sections to cater to different riding skills. 


We encourage all riders to follow the trail etiquette in the park: respect other trail users, clean up after your horse, ride at a safe speed, and only use trails where horses are permitted.


We hope this list of horse-friendly trails at Bear Brook State Park gives you an exciting route planner for your next equestrian adventure. Happy horsing around!



Bear Brook State Park Trail Map: LINK_TO_SOURCE

Bear Brook State Park Equestrian regulations: LINK_TO_SOURCE


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