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Bear River State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Best Hoof-Beaten Trails at Bear River State Park, Wyoming 


Do you love saddling up and hitting the trails on horseback? Then Bear River State Park in Wyoming should be high on your list! Renowned for the stunning landscapes and wildlife viewing opportunities, this state treasure adds an extra delight for equestrians by allowing horses on several of its trails. Here's a list we have recuperated for fellow equine enthusiasts. 


1. **Rolling Hills Trail**

   Spread over a distance of about three miles, the Rolling Hills Trail is a perfect choice for a relaxed yet stimulating horseback ride. The trail features beautiful, rolling terrain that adds a unique charm to your experience. As you trot along this stunning trail, keep an eye out for mule deer and other wildlife that call the park home. 


2. **Bridge Trail**

    Noted for winding along the beautiful Bear River, the Bridge Trail is a total of four miles round-trip. It takes you through a diversity of landscapes, including lush grasslands and shrublands. Here, horseback riders not only experience the thrill of the ride but also unparalleled scenic views.


3. **Highland Trail**

    The Highland Trail, a distance of a little over one mile, is a fantastic choice for horseback riders looking for a bit of challenge. With uphill paths & downhill slopes coupled with stunning park and mountain views, this trail doesn't disappoint. 


4. **Lower Meadow Trail**

    For riders with a love for wide open spaces, the Lower Meadow Trail, a loop of about two miles, is impossible to resist. This open trail is perfect for a leisurely ride, with stunning views of the meadow and Bear River. It's a great spot to see the park's resident elk herd.


5. **Upper Meadow Trail**

    The Upper Meadow Trail runs for 1.25 miles and, like the Lower Meadow Trail, makes its way around the park's vast open spaces, offering riders an awe-inspiring view of Bear River and surrounding geography. 


Horse riding on these trails is a memorable experience, giving riders a chance to enjoy the park's natural beauty from a truly unique perspective. Just remember to stay on designated trails and to keep our park clean, respecting the wildlife you may encounter along your journey. 


Happy Trails!



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