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Bellevue State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Bellevue State Park, Delaware 


Bellevue State Park, Delaware truly is a destination for horse enthusiasts and riders. Offering exceptional trails designed especially for horse-riding, it ensures a thrilling and memorable riding experience. We have discovered a list of remarkable horse-friendly trails within this beautiful state park. Let’s saddle up and explore them:


1. **Perimeter Trail**

Covering 8.3 miles in total, the Perimeter Trail circles the outer boundary of Bellevue State Park, offering considerable terrain for equestrians to explore. This multi-use trail is moderately trafficked, making it ideal for quieter horse rides, or adding a bit of excitement with others around. 


2. **Northern Loop Trail**

A 1.5-mile loop with lightly trafficked paths and relatively flat terrain, Northern Loop Trail is ideal for beginners or a leisurely ride. It offers riders a serene encounter with nature, with an easy-to-follow, signposted trail.


3. **Southern Loop Trail**

With a distance of approximately 1.3 miles, the Southern Loop Trail is another shorter, lightly trafficked trail for horse riders. Amongst a scenic backdrop, this trail is perfect for a quick, enjoyable ride amidst the park's vast wilderness.


4. **Fitness Trail**

Over 1.1 miles long, this trail snakes through the park, offering varying ground levels for a more challenging horse ride. While it's also utilized by walkers and runners, equestrians can enjoy the Fitness Trail too.


5. **Pond Loop Trail**

This 0.6-mile trail circles a beautiful pond, offering a fantastic view during your ride. It's the shortest trail, making it a perfect, quick trail ride option.


It’s important to note that all riders are required to follow the established trail rules for horse riding. Furthermore, ensure that you respect the park's environment by staying on designated trails, and cleaning up after your horse.


We look forward to seeing you and your horses at Bellevue State Park, Delaware, embarking on an equestrian adventure.




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