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Beltzville State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Horse Rider's Guide to Beltzville State Park Trails


Beltzville State Park in Pennsylvania is a favored destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy biking, hunting, fishing, hiking, and especially horseback riding. Embracing approximately 3,002 acres of forests, fields, and foothills, the park offers a variety of trails that are welcoming to riders and their horses. Here's a roundup of trails that accept horseback riding so you can enjoy an exhilarating experience with your faithful steed.


1. Sawmill Trail: 


Beginning at Pohopoco Drive, the Sawmill trail stretches over 3 miles. Known for its diverse terrains encompassing wooded areas and flatlands, it provides horse riders a fun and challenging experience. Your equine will get a fantastic workout while treating you to splendid views of lush flora and fauna.


2. Connecting Trail:


The Connecting trail is the shortest at just 1.9 miles but, don't let its length fool you. The path offers magnificent views of the reservoir and spectacular surrounding landscapes. The trail route begins off Preachers Camp Trail and ends at Pine Run Cove - a picture-perfect destination for horseback relaxing and picnicking. 


3. Pine Run East:


Starting from Trachsville and running all the way to Pine Run Cove, the Pine Run East trail covers approximately 2.5 miles. With its mostly level terrain and idyllic surroundings, this trail is ideal for novice horse riders seeking serenity on their ride.


4. Pine Run West:


The counterpart to Pine Run East, the Pine Run West is equally accommodating to horse riders. The 2.2-mile trail starts from Preachers Camp and concludes at Pine Run Cove, offering riders and horses a relaxing and enjoyable jaunt through rural Pennsylvania.


Planning your visit to ensure you and your horse can enjoy every moment is essential. The park is open all year round, but it's wise to check the current weather conditions and trail restrictions before your visit. Always remember that while riding, helmets, safe practices, and park regulations are mandatory.


Happy Trails!




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