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Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hitch A Ride: Horse-Friendly Trails to Explore in Big South Fork, Tennessee


Dreaming of feeling the breeze on your face as you trot through picturesque landscapes? Your equine friends are also welcome at the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, a sprawling nature reserve in the Volunteer State. Famous for its diverse plant and animal life, beautiful gorges, and remarkable rock formations, Big South Fork is a dream destination for horseback trail riding. This blog post uncovers a list of specific trails you can explore with your horse.


1. Grand Gap Loop Trail


If long, tranquil rides suit your preference, the Grand Gap Loop Trail is a perfect fit. Offering stretches of 6.8 miles, this horse-friendly trail is also open to hikers, boasting amazing panoramic views of the Big South Fork River. Be prepared for river crossing experiences that will add an extra thrill to your ride. (1)


2. Bandy Creek Loop Trails 


The Bandy Creek area offers a collection of four intertwined loop trails—West Bandy, Middle Bandy, East Bandy, and Duncan Hollow Loop—covering over 30 miles. Well-marked and excellently maintained, these trails provide an exceptional opportunity for horse riders to explore the scenic beauty. (2)


3. Slave Falls Loop Trail


This lightly traveled, 3.5-mile long trail offers an adventurous horse riding experience as you pass through thick woodlands, creeper-covered rocks, and a breathtaking waterfall—Slave Falls. (3)


4. Twin Arches Loop Trail


Horse-riders seeking a shorter trip with a big impact should consider the Twin Arches Loop. The trail spans around 4.5 miles, delivering an awe-inspiring view of one of the largest sandstone arch formations in the eastern United States. (4)


5. John Muir Trail


Named after the famous naturalist John Muir, this trail offers stimulating horseback riding experience across mixed terrains over 50 miles. Be sure to be captivated by the diverse flora and fauna that adorn this trail. From elegant waterfalls to impressive rock formations, John Muir Trail has elements to delight every nature-lover. (5)


In conclusion, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area sets the stage for immersive horse-riding experiences across Tennessee's breath-taking landscape. As you plan for your next adventurous ride, be sure to consider these exemplary routes to get an unforgettable encounter with nature.


Remember to check the latest information on the official NPS website to ensure the trails are open, and the conditions are safe for riding your horse. Happy Trails!










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