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Bighorn National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exploring Horse-Friendly Trails in Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming


Looking for some equine-friendly adventures in Wyoming? Look no further. In the heart of the Cowboy State, Bighorn National Forest offers myriad opportunities for you and your four-legged friend to hit the trail together. Here are some of the best horse-friendly trails in Bighorn National Forest that you should include in your bucket list. 


1. Porcupine Falls Trail (#146)


A crisp and short ride with a stunning reward — that's Porcupine Falls Trail in nutshell. This trail stretches a mile one way and leads directly to the scenic Porcupine Falls. While it's steep in places, horses are allowed, giving riders an absolutely unique and breathtaking experience. 


2. Sherd Lake Loop (#046)


This 7-mile loop encircles the picturesque Sherd Lake. The terrain varies from moderate to steep but is open to horse riders, perfect for an exhilarating gallop against a backdrop of Wyoming's pristine beauty. 


3. Middle Fork Trail (#053)


Stretching 26.7 miles from the Middle Fork Campground to West Tensleep trailhead, this trail is the epitome of divine natural beauty. Horses are welcome, making it an ideal ride with panoramic views of towering trees, crystalline streams, and vibrant wildflowers.


4. Lake Solitude Trail (#038)


If you crave serenity and splendid isolation, this trail is the one for you. Lake Solitude Trail is a 7.8-mile trek running from Cloud Peak Wilderness to Lake Solitude. It's steep in places but boasts ample beauty to make the journey thoroughly enjoyable for you and your horse. 


5. Elkhorn Hot Springs Trail (#165)


The Elkhorn Hot Springs Trail is a 5-mile stretch that leads to a mineral hot spring. Horses are allowed, so you and your four-legged friend can trot on this trail while soaking in the natural beauty of Bighorn National Forest. 


Remember, the ultimate responsibility for a horse’s safety and well-being in these wilderness areas falls on the rider. Always abide by the regulations to ensure these spaces remain enjoyable for everyone.


Ride safe, experience the beauty of Bighorn, and add to your treasure trove of horseback riding memories.



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