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Bogus Basin State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails at Bogus Basin State Park, Idaho


As an avid equestrian, it can sometimes be a challenge to locate trails specifically designed with your equine companion in mind. So, saddle up and check out our incredible list of horse-allowed trails in the scenic Bogus Basin State Park, Idaho. These trails offer fantastic opportunities for horseback riding amidst Idaho's serene natural landscapes.


It's important to note that before planning your trail ride, be certain to verify current trail conditions and regulations, as these may occasionally vary.


1. **Sourdough Loop**: This trail is a hit with horse riders. Operating a fair portion of the year, this 13.9-mile loop trail features diverse wildlife and wildflowers, providing an unforgettable horseback experience amidst nature.


2. **Mores Mountain Loop**: Barely over a couple of miles long, this looped trail is a hidden gem in the park. The trail is known for its breathtaking view of the Sawtooth Mountains and is just the right length for horses and riders needing a shorter, scenic ride.


3. **Shafer Butte Loop**: A broad and easy trail designed specifically for horse travel, this 7.7-mile loop provides views of the forested park and its surrounding high-country panoramas. 


4. **Pine Creek Loop**: This 3.7-mile trail offers a serene and wooded environment that's perfect for a leisurely horseback ride, especially during the cooler parts of the day. 


5. **Eastside Trail**: This 5.8-mile trail beautifully combines both forest and open meadow environments, providing a variety that's sure to keep both horse and rider engaged.


6. **Sunrise Loop**: A 7.4-mile trail bursting with seasonal wildflower beauty, this trail takes you to some of the most picturesque natural areas in the park. 


7. **Pack Trail Loop**: This 3.9-mile trail offers a moderately challenging route through parts of the park less frequently traveled, making it perfect for adventurous riders seeking solitude.


Remember that while these trails are open for equine travel, rules regarding horse riding should always be adhered to for safety and preservation. 


Visitors to Bogus Basin State Park will find that each of these trails offers unique landscapes, wildlife viewing, and riding experiences. Pack up your tack and snacks and head out to explore these sublime Idaho trails on horseback!



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