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Boise National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Boise National Forest, Idaho


Whether you're an experienced equestrian or dabbling in horseback riding trails for the first time, Boise National Forest in Idaho offers an array of trails that welcome horse lovers. We've verified the following trails to ensure they are indeed horse-friendly. Each trail is unique, offering diverse terrain and stunning natural beauty that you and your equine friend can explore together.


1.  **Danskin Mountains OHV Area**

    Spanning more than 60,000 acres, the Danskin Mountains OHV Area welcomes horses. Riders can experience challenging steep climbs, rocky patches, and sweeping views of the arid landscape. Multiple loops provide variation for each ride.


2.  **Pine Creek Trail**

    A moderately steep 12-mile uphill climb ideal for experienced riders and horses is offered by the Pine Creek Trail. Challenging ascents are rewarded with views of the stunning alpine lake at the trail's peak.


3.  **Deadwood Reservoir Shoreline Trail**

    This easily accessible and relatively flat trail treads along Deadwood Reservoir. Riders can enjoy highlights such as seeing osprey diving for fish and perhaps catching a glimpse of huckleberries blooming in the summertime.


4.  **Boise River Trail**

    Boise River Trail offers varied terrain, including forest, meadows, and river views. The trail, winding over 50 miles, is ideal for both short and long rides.


5.  **Trapper Creek Trail**

    Horse riders that want to experience an overnight trip in the wilderness should head to Trapper Creek Trail. It has several camping spots, making it a perfect trail for a multi-day excursion.


6.  **Bull Trout Lake Loop**

   A much less strenuous trail is the Bull Trout Lake Loop. Circling the picturesque lake, this trail offers breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and is perfect for a leisurely ride.


These horse-friendly trails provide a unique riding experience each season, promising endless memories for you and your equine companion. Just remember to always respect wilderness regulations intended to preserve these unique areas.



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