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Boundary National Recreation Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Boundary National Recreation Trail in Idaho: Your Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails


Liven up your equestrian adventures by exploring the horse-friendly tracks of the majestic Boundary National Recreation Trail in Idaho. This list-style article uncovers the breathtaking trails that specifically allow horses, promising relaxing rides amidst Idaho's glorious scenery.


1. **Boundary Trail**

Boundary Trail is the primary trail of the Boundary National Recreation trail system. This welcoming horse-friendly trail is perfect for a serene and scenic ride. Be prepared for stunning views of the Kaniksu National Forest as you clatter peacefully along this path. 


2. **Katka Peak Trail**

Katka Peak Trail is a exciting trail that meanders through the gorgeous mountain terrain. This horse-friendly trail is known for its summit overlooking the Kootenai Valley and the striking Cabinet Mountain Wilderness, promising a ride with panoramic visuals.


3. **Parker Ridge Trail**

Take your equine partner on a gentle ascent up the Parker Ridge Trail. This horse-friendly trail gives you a breathtaking view of the Moyie River and the vast forests surrounding it. Horse riders will enjoy the serenity and the opportunity to see wildlife.


4. **Trout Creek Trail**

Ride through the lush greenery of the Kaniksu National Forest on the Trout Creek Trail. This horse-permitted trail cuts across several creeks and rivers, offering refreshing sights and sounds.


5. **Brush Lake Trail**

The Brush Lake Trail offers a longer riding adventure. This horse-friendly trail circumnavigates the serene Brush Lake and ventures through various surrounding landscapes, satisfying the craving for diversity on your ride.


6. **Deer Ridge Trail**

Climb up to the scenic Deer Ridge using the Deer Ridge Trail. This horse-allowed trail passes through a mix of forested areas and clearings which opens up views of the Lower Kootenai River Valley.


Remember, each trail has its difficulty levels. Ensure you have the appropriate gear and readiness level before setting off. Enjoy the rewarding experiences that the Boundary National Recreation Trail in Idaho has to offer to every equestrian enthusiast!



Boundary National Recreation Trail is managed by USDA Forest Service. Official information can be found at their website Official USDA Forest Service Website( Please check each trail’s specific guidelines through their trail descriptions or by contacting the Forest Service directly. Current information about trail conditions is available from Kaniksu National Forest Kaniksu National Forest Website( and Kootenai National Forest Kootenai National Forest Website(


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