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Bradley Palmer State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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# Horse-Friendly Trails at Bradley Palmer State Park


If you’re in Massachusetts with your four-legged friends and are looking for a day out, the Bradley Palmer State Park offers a number of horse-friendly trails that you can check out. Ensuring a great balance of nature, adventure and care for your equine comrades; we've compiled a list of some of the trails to take note of.


1. **Willowdale Meadow Loop Trail**: This easy rated 2.3-mile loop trail with its flat, smooth and well-marked trail makes it excellent for a casual horseback riding session. It offers breathtaking views and has vibrant foliage throughout the seasons.


2. **Moon Hill Trail**: The Moon Hill Trail is a tad more challenging, stretching 2.2 miles and includes a few steep inclines. These challenges make for an exciting ride, testing both your and your horse's endurance, resilience and balance in an exhilarating way.


3. **Riverwalk Trail**: As the name suggests, the Riverwalk Trail ambles along the banks of the Ipswich River. This trail spans 3.6 miles and lets you and your horse enjoy the tranquil setting.


4. **Palmer Pond Trail**: Palmer Pond Trail is another trail that you might consider. A 1.9-mile loop trail that prides itself on its beautiful wild flowers and excellent bird watching spots. It’s a great trail for novice riders or those looking for a serene, leisurely ride amidst nature.


5. **Saddle Trail**: Another shorter trail measuring 1.7 miles, the Saddle Trail is known for its beautiful fall foliage and impressive wildlife encounters. The Saddle Trail is relatively flat and broad, the perfect trail for an enjoyable horseback ride.


Remember to always show courtesy to other trail users, keep your horse under control, and clean up after your horse to maintain the natural and beautiful environment of the park.  


Happy riding! 




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