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Brandywine Creek State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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After researching official sources, it has been verified that there are certain trails within Brandywine Creek State Park that allow horse riding. They are listed as follows:


1. **Thompson's Bridge**


This trail heads toward the Thompson's Bridge parking area through an open field and mixed forest. It is a shared-use trail where horses are permitted.


2. **Thompson's Bridge to Rockland**


This trail extends from Thompson's Bridge through the heart of the park, passing through scenic meadows and lush woodland. Horse-riders often use this trail for its diversity in terrain.


3. **Hidden Pond Trail**


Located primarily in the southern section of the park, this trail winds through dense, green forests and offers horse-riders a tranquil ride through less-traveled sections of Brandywine Creek.


4. **Rocky Run Trail**


This trail follows the winding Rocky Run Stream and offers an amazing view of the meandering waters as well as the varied flora and fauna of the area. Horse riding is welcomed.


5. **Indian Springs Trail**


This trail cuts across open fields and meadows, which are filled with wildflowers during the spring and summer. The trail also moves through shady, forested areas providing a well-rounded trail for horse riders.


6. **Grey's Run Trail**


Named after the stream, Grey's Run, this trail is ideal for horse riders who enjoy a bit of navigation as the trail meanders through the woods and crosses the stream.


These trails provide a fantastic opportunity for equestrians offering a variety of terrains and stunning views at Brandywine Creek State Park. It's essential to respect the park rules and share the trails sensibly with pedestrians and cyclists to ensure a great experience for everyone.


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