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Bristol Fields Horse Camp: A Rustic Equestrian Getaway in North Carolina
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Bristol Fields Horse Camp in North Carolina | Top Horse Trails

Bristol Fields Horse Camp, located along the serene Fires Creek, stands as a top destination for horse enthusiasts seeking a unique camping experience in North Carolina. This campground offers the perfect blend of essential facilities and outdoor activities, catering primarily to those who enjoy horse camping and the great outdoors.

Activities and Facilities

Bristol Fields Horse Camp is equipped with tethering posts, making it an ideal spot for horse campers. The campground is divided into three distinct areas to accommodate different camping preferences. Upon arrival, campers first encounter the setup area to the right, providing a convenient spot for initial camping preparations.

The second area features a long field specifically designed for horse trailer parking and camping, complete with tie-out poles to secure horses. This ensures that both horses and their owners have ample space and comfort. The final section, separated by a small tree break, hosts a pit-style latrine and a large open field, suitable for additional camping needs.

Outdoor Activities

Bristol Fields Horse Camp offers a variety of outdoor activities to keep campers engaged and entertained. The campground provides direct access to both horse and hiking trails. While these trails may not offer extensive scenic vistas until reaching the top, they provide a robust vertical workout, perfect for those seeking a challenging outdoor adventure.

For those who prefer running or biking, the road provides an excellent route to explore the surrounding area. Anglers will appreciate the opportunity to fish in the tranquil waters of Fires Creek, adding another layer of outdoor enjoyment to their stay.

Community and Comfort

To enhance the camping experience, Bristol Fields Horse Camp features several large fire pit areas scattered throughout the grounds. These communal spaces are perfect for gathering around a warm fire after a day of riding and exploring. The main area includes a fire circle with wooden chairs, offering a comfortable spot for socializing, storytelling, and enjoying the natural beauty of the campground.

Essential Amenities

In addition to its natural attractions, Bristol Fields Horse Camp is equipped with vault restrooms, ensuring that campers have access to basic sanitary facilities. This thoughtful inclusion adds a layer of convenience to the rustic camping experience.

Plan Your Visit

Bristol Fields Horse Camp is a haven for horse enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Whether you’re looking to embark on challenging trails, enjoy a peaceful fishing spot, or simply relax by the fire with fellow campers, this campground offers a memorable and fulfilling outdoor adventure. Pack your gear, bring your horse, and experience the beauty and camaraderie of Bristol Fields Horse Camp in North Carolina.



From HAYESVILLE, take SR 1307 for 3 miles to SR 1300, go 5.7 miles to SR 1344 (FR 340).  Go 7 miles on FR 340.


Bristol Fields Horse Camp offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Equestrian trails
  • Horse campsites
  • Tethering posts
  • Vault restrooms


Cost Details:

  • $8 a night



  • Open all year.
  • Contact Details: (828) 837-5152


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Bristol Fields Horse Camp does not require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Bristol Fields Horse Camp for more information