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Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: 5 Best Horse-friendly Trails at Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park, California


Are you looking to take your equine friend to explore some picturesque trails in California? Look no further than Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park. Encompassing over 1,325 acres of pristine land, this state park is a horse lover's paradise with trails that are specifically designed to accommodate your four-legged companion.


After some careful research from credible sources, we've curated a list of specific trails within the park that allow horses. Here they are:


1. **Burleigh Murray Ranch Trail**


The Burleigh Murray Ranch Trail is an out-and-back trail spanning about 3.7 miles, and it's the main trail through the park accessible for horses. The trail takes you through a beautiful valley terrain filled with mature eucalyptus trees and offers a quiet, secluded ride suitable for all levels.


2. **McNee Ranch Fire Road**


The McNee Ranch Fire Road, though primarily a hiking route, is also open to horseback riding. It's an approximately 7.3-mile long loop, known for its panoramic views of the Pacific. This trail can get quite steep, providing a nice challenge for more experienced riders.


3. **Mill Valley Road**


A relatively flatter option, Mill Valley Road extends about 1.5 miles through lush-green pastures and fields full of wildflowers in the spring. It's beautiful in its simplicity and perfect for a relaxed, meandering trot. 


4. **Martini Creek Loop**


Following the Martini Creek, this 8-mile loop trail is quite steep and rugged in places, but horses are welcome. The trail offers incredible ocean views and a chance to see beautiful wildflowers during the right season.


5. **Alta Vista Trail**


Horses are also welcome on parts of the Alta Vista Trail, a mile-long trail that leads to a breathtaking view of San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding countryside. It is narrow and steep, hence recommended for experienced riders and well-conditioned horses. 


So, if you're up for an equestrian adventure, saddle up and hit these horse-friendly trails at the Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park. Enjoy the scenic beauty while bonding with your horse. You're sure to have an absolutely unforgettable time!



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*Disclaimer: Please always ensure to check the current park guidelines and rules prior to your visit as trail access can change.*


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