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Burton Creek State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Five Amazing Horse Friendly Trails at Burton Creek State Park, California 


Join us as we trot through the horse-friendly trails at Burton Creek State Park, California. Outdoor lovers and equine enthusiasts, gather your gear and your furry friends, as we ride through some of the best trails for horseback riding at Burton Creek State Park in descending order! Don't worry, we've ensured each trail is horse-approved!


#5: Polaris Trail:


Starting our horseback adventure with the majestic Polaris Trail. This trail runs approximately 3.6 miles, it's known for its stunning views and wide open trails, perfect for a horseback journey. Always remember to respect all trail rules especially when it comes to equestrian use!1


#4: Burton Creek Loop:


Giddy up towards the relaxed Burton Creek Loop, a moderately trafficked loop trail, spanning around 2.8 miles. It's perfect for intermediate riders with a lust for adventure and incredible views!2


#3: Golden Loop:


At number three, we have the Golden Loop. This trail spans 6.9 miles and offers horseback riders a moderate challenge due to its steep grades and beautiful panoramic views.2


#2: Burton Creek Rim to Polaris Trail:


Penultimate on our list, the Burton Creek Rim to Polaris Trail stands at a hefty 9.1 miles long. The trail is popular amongst horse riders for the various terrains it offers and the spectacular adjoining meadows greeting them along the way!1


#1: North Horse Trail:


Taking the top spot is the North Horse Trail, an immensely popular choice for horse riders due its extensive stretch of 6.3 miles. This trail encompasses rolling hills, meadows, and an exciting creek crossing amidst the scenic views of Lake Tahoe at distance.2


Visitors to Burton Creek State Park should always check with local trail rules and guidelines. Also, sharing trails with cyclists and hikers, requires respectful riding! We hope this list inspires your next horseback riding adventure at Burton Creek State Park. Happy Trotting!



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