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Caledon State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails in Caledon State Park, Virginia


Calling all horse enthusiasts! Caledon State Park, situated in the heart of Virginia, is a haven for riders seeking verdant, wide-open spaces to explore on horseback. This park offers several trails where horses are welcome, each offering an immersive experience in Virginia's idyllic natural settings. Here’s a compilation of trails distinctly created for horseback riding in Caledon State Park.


1. Boyd’s Hole Trail

This trail offers a remarkable 3.5 miles stretch that is perfect for thoroughbred trainers and casual riders alike. This trailhead begins near Jones Pond, leading horseback riders through beautiful wooded terrain and offering breathtaking views of the Potomac River at the trail end.


2. River Trail

River Trail is another horse-friendly path at Caledon State Park. Stretching approximately 1 mile, this trail provides excellent river views making it the perfect backdrop for your horseback riding adventure.


Remember that all trails are to be used during the hours of dawn to dusk, and equine visitors must have a current Coggins test, as is mandatory for all public horse-accessible parks in Virginia.


To keep this natural treasure preserved for all to enjoy, horse riders are required to respect the trail rules, which mainly involve cleaning up after their horses not to disrupt the trail conditions for others.


The Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Conservation and Recreation manages these trails ensuring sustainable use while preserving the natural beauty of Caledon State Park. With those beautiful trails that horses are allowed on, your equine companion and you are set for some unforgettable adventures!



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Please note: It is always suggested to directly contact the park administration for the most recent information since trail conditions and regulations can change.


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