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Cape Blanco State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Best Horse-Friendly Trails in Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon


Attention equestrians! What could be better than experiencing the breath-taking natural beauty of the Oregon coast from horseback? Cape Blanco State Park offers exactly that, with its myriad of horse-friendly trails.


Before we get into specifics, please note that it's important to always confirm with park officials about current trail conditions and rules regarding horse usage. Now, let's explore some of these horse-friendly trails in Cape Blanco State Park.


1. **Equestrian Camp Loop Trail**

   Open year-round, this 2.8-mile moderately trafficked loop trail is a favorite among equestrians. This trail takes riders through beautiful forests and open meadows. Don't forget to take a moment to rest and rejuvenate at the well-maintained campsites, specifically designed for horseback riders and their equine companions.


2. **Cape Blanco South Loop Trail**

   Off of the Equestrian Camp Loop, the Cape Blanco South Loop Trail takes you on a 1.7-mile trail with stunning vistas overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This trail gently guides you through the coastal forest before opening up to the awe-inspiring ocean view.


3. **Cape Blanco North Loop Trail**

   Similar to the South Loop Trail, Cape Blanco North Loop is a 2.8-mile trail that provides coastal forest and ocean views. Both the North and South Loop Trails offer an easy to moderate ride, making it pleasant for both novice and seasoned riders.


4. **Pacific Coast Trail**

   This trail isn't entirely within Cape Blanco, but it does pass through the park. Providing an unparalleled experience of the Oregon coast, the Pacific Coast Trail offers miles of scenic beauty. Be sure to consult with park officials about the sections of this trail that are open to horses.


5. **Cape Blanco Lighthouse Trail**

   For a unique experience, head onto the Cape Blanco Lighthouse trail. While horses aren't allowed up to the lighthouse itself, the trail leading up to it provides an incredible view of Oregon's westernmost point. 


Remember, riders must carry valid proof of horse’s current negative Coggins test (EIA test) and horses are not to be left unattended. As of the date of this article, trails allow horses however park rules and conditions can change. Make sure to verify trail conditions and rules from official park sources. 


Get out there and enjoy the rugged beauty of Cape Blanco State Park on horseback! 




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