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Capitol State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Best Capitol State Forest Trails for Horse Riding in Washington


Heading 1: Equestrian Adventures at Capitol State Forest


Taking an equestrian adventure through the expansive beauty of the Capitol State Forest in Washington guarantees an unforgettable experience. This verdant forest offers a variety of horse-friendly trails, allowing equestrians to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the wilderness. Here is a curated list of the picturesque trails where horses are specifically allowed.


Heading 2: Trail #1 - Margaret McKenny Trail


The Margaret McKenny Trail is open to horses and provides an invigorating ride through mixed forest, and under the natural canopy. It's a 5-mile loop ideal for equestrian riders of all skill levels. The ample parking area and a nearby horse camp add convenience for riders.


Heading 3: Trail #2 - Mima Falls Trail


Enjoy the beauty of Mima Falls riding your horse along the Mima Falls Trail. This 6.3-mile out-and-back trail is well-marked and accessible year-round. The stunning view at Mima Falls makes the journey worth every step.


Heading 4: Trail #3 - Green Line Trail


The Green Line Trail is a 20-mile trail that is perfect for a day-long horseback riding adventure. This trail is moderately challenging, making it ideal for more experienced riders. The panoramic views, varied terrain, and numerous creek crossings make your ride extra exciting.


Heading 5: Trail #4 - McLane Creek Nature Trail


The McLane Creek Nature Trail is horse-friendly and runs for approximately 1.5 miles. It serves as a natural paradise with its variety of wildlife and tranquil meadows. This trail is easy and well-marked, favoring riders of all skill levels. 


Heading 6: Trail #5 - Middle Waddell Loop


The Middle Waddell Loop Trail offers a rewarding 10-mile return ride. Along the way, riders can soak up the scenery which includes verdant forest and a scattering of natural vistas. The trail is well-graded with gentle ascents and descents.


Remember, all trails require a Discover Pass. Also, ensure to plan your visit beforehand, check trail status, respect trail etiquette, and adhere to leave no trace principles to help preserve the environment for future generations.



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