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Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, North Carolina



Absolutely nothing beats the thrill of riding a horse along the wilderness trails. At the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site in North Carolina, several trails permit horses, giving equine lovers a chance to enjoy the unique combination of history, nature, and equestrian delight. Here’s a look at the horse-friendly trails that should be on your checklist. 


1. Glassy Mountain Trail


Glassy Mountain Trail is a trail frequented by horse riders due to its beautiful views and manageable terrain. This trail extends for about 1.6 miles and offers expansive views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a favorite for sightseers and nature lovers alike. Despite the moderate steepness, it's safe for horses and provides an adventurous ride. 


2. Little Glassy Mountain Trail


The Little Glassy Mountain Trail may be shorter at just 0.8 miles, but it’s still an excellent option for horse riders. This relatively level trail meanders through a mixed pine-hardwood forest and offers a peaceful ride nestled in the gentle embrace of nature. 


3. Memminger Trail


A 1.2-mile trail that winds its way into the heart of the park, Memminger Trail, is one for the intrepid horse rider. The trail is well-maintained and is mostly shrouded by the canopies, offering an enjoyable ride in the shadows of the forest. 


4. Big Glassy Access Trail


Though not a substantial trail in itself, the Big Glassy Access Trail serves as a critical point for reaching the others. This 0.2-mile trail, lying at the park entrance, provides access to bigger trails like the Glassy Mountain and Little Glassy Mountain trails. It's a good starting point for horse riders as they map out their journey through the park. 


5. Front Lake Trail


At only 0.4 miles, Front Lake Trail allows for a quick yet scenic ride. The trail frames the beautiful lake for which it's named, offering splendid views of the water body. 


Before you embark on your adventure, make sure you abide by all trail rules and practice Leave No Trace ethics to keep the park beautiful and safe for everyone. 



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