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Carson National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exploring Equestrian Adventure: The Best Horse-Friendly Trails in Carson National Forest


When it comes to exploring the outdoors with your equine partner, Carson National Forest in New Mexico offers an array of magnificent horse-friendly trails. These trails have been specifically designed to ensure horses are comfortably accommodated without compromising the integrity of the ecosystem. Here is a list of the top trails in the Carson National Forest that welcome horses:


1. **The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail**: A diverse and sometimes challenging trail lining the crest of the Rocky Mountains. Starting at the Mexico border, this trail stretches almost 800 miles through New Mexico, making its way through the Carson National Forest. Remember that some sections can be rough, so it’s best for experienced riders and horses. (source 1)


2. **Columbine Twining National Recreation Trail** : This trail offers 16 miles of horse-friendly paths in the stunning Columbine Hondo Wilderness Study Area. It's a circular trail characterized by dense forests and affords some excellent views of Mount Walter and Wheeler Peak. (source 2)


3. **Big Arsenic Springs Trail**: An inviting plunge into the natural splendor of the Rio Grande Wild. At 1.5 miles, it might be short, but it's a horseback rider’s dream with rugged cliffs, rock formations, and a serene river to admire. (source 3)


4. **Red River Upper Valley Trail**: A moderate trail stretching across 8.8 miles, it provides horse riders with the opportunity to explore the lush landscapes, wildlife, and the sparkling Red River. (source 4)


5. **Whiteridge Trail**: This is a highly recommended horse-friendly trail for those interested in longer rides. Extending over 7 miles, it offers an outing with a variety of terrains, from open grassland to tall pines and spruce. (source 5)


Each of these trails in the Carson National Forest provides the perfect opportunity for horse riders to venture into the wilderness, enjoy exceptional scenic beauty and discover diverse topographies. Before you pack your saddle and head out, verify the current conditions and restrictions of these trails from official sources as situations may change due to weather or conservation reasons.




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