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Castlewood State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Castlewood State Park, Missouri



If you and your equine friend are searching for scenic routes through the wilderness, you will be delighted to know that Castlewood State Park, Missouri, offers a range of horse-friendly trails. Experience enchanting woodlands, rolling hills, and bustling streams by visiting these ruggedly beautiful trails.


1. River Scene Trail:


This challenging trail allows horses on the eastern four-mile loop. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking overlook of the Meramec River along with steep planes. This loop trail offers an array of flowering dogwoods, wild hyacinth, and vibrant spring beauty during the warmer months. 


2. Lone Wolf Trail:


Not for the faint-hearted, this 1.5-mile trail features rocky, cascading hills, and the return of horses to the park. Lone Wolf Trail is one of the more rugged paths at Castlewood, promising adventure with every hoof beat.


3. Castlewood Loop:


Castlewood Loop is similar to the River Scene Trail in terms of its ruggedness but slightly shorter, approximately 3.2 miles. It is a heavily trafficked loop trail that offers picturesque views and is perfect for horse riders of all levels.


4. Grotpeter Trail:


Consisting of mainly single tracks, Grotpeter Trail allows horse riders to explore the park’s diverse terrain. Riding through this winding 3.25-mile trail, riders get an up-close view of the park's natural wonders including bluffs, rock formations, and dense woodlands.


5. Kiefer Creek Trail:


An excellent trail for beginners, the 1.5-mile Kiefer Creek Trail is a shorter duration ride that gives a lovely glimpse into Castlewood’s scenic charm. This trail doesn't feature steep climbs, making it suitable for less experienced or younger riders. 


Traveling these trails will provide you and your horse with a journey through Missouri's nature, filled with scenic beauty. Always remember to respect the environment, stay on the marked trails, and follow rules for areas that permit horse riding.



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Please note: The information about trails that allow horses might change due to certain conditions or park management decisions. Please always check directly with the park before visiting.



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