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Challis National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-friendly Trails at Challis National Forest, Idaho


Challis National Forest in Idaho is home to an expansively rich ecosystem, boasting of scenic landscapes and breathtaking topography. For equestrians, there's no better place to bring your horse and take in nature's delights. Below, we delve into a comprehensive listing of specific horse-accessible trails at Challis National Forest. Note: This list only contains trails that permit horse riding, based on official online resources. 


1. **Bayhorse Trail**: This trail stretches about 6.5 miles and offers the allure of year-round accessibility. Perfect for all skill levels, horse lovers can walk their trusty steeds, taking in the view of wildflowers in the warmer months. Ensure you bring some water along, as there aren't water points along this trail, according to the US Forest Service.


2. **Long Lost Creek Trail**: Equestrians often rave about this idyllic 3-mile trail. Nestled alongside a gorgeous creek, this trek offers a soothing background soundtrack of flowing water while you canter gently on your horse. The trail is best from June until October with visitors appreciating the breathtaking mountain scenery.


3. **Ramshorn Trail**: A moderately rated trail spanning 14.2 miles, this trek is best for more experienced equestrians looking for a bit of adventure. The trail winds through diverse landscapes, featuring shimmering rivers, lush grasslands, and scenic mountain views. 


4. **Herd Creek Trail**: With 12.5 miles of pure nature, this trail offers an enjoyable ride along the creek and through enchanting forests. The trail is accessible from June to October and usually attracts fewer crowds than others, making it a peaceful option for those seeking solitude.


5. **Pats Creek Trail**: A 3-mile moderate trail, it offers beautiful forested scenes and a much-welcomed workout for both you and your horse. The trail boasts lush greenery and is open from July to October. 


6. **Iron Lake Trail**: At the heart of the Forest, this 8-mile trail reveals the majesty of both Iron Lake and Iron Mountain. Best for experienced riders, the trail is open from June to October. Here, you can expect serene lake views along a well-trodden path.


Enjoy your equestrian outings under Idaho's azure sky by choosing one or more of these trails that are both horse-friendly and scenic. Remember, always respect trail rules and ensure your visit helps in preserving these wonderful trails for future generations.



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