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Chino Hills State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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# Hit the Trails: Horse-Friendly Trails at Chino Hills State Park


If you're an equestrian enthusiast, Chino Hills State Park in California should be on your radar. This verdant, rolling landscape offers several trails that are friendly to our four-legged companions, making it a horse rider's paradise. Here is a list of prestigious horse-friendly trails within the grand Chino Hills State Park.


## 1. Telegraph Canyon Trail 

A 16.8-mile trail located near Yorba Linda, the Telegraph Canyon Trail features beautiful wildflowers. This trail is open for horseback riding, giving you a chance to experience the beautiful Californian countryside from the saddle(**).


## 2. Four Corners Loop Trail

This trail winds through scenic panoramas for 5.3 miles and meets at a point affectionately termed ‘Four Corners’. This meeting point, a junction for several trails in the park, is a popular equestrian stop-over.


## 3. South Ridge Trail

The South Ridge trail is a steep and challenging trail. Horse riders who wish to test their mettle will enjoy this 3.3-mile adventure, offering rewarding views over the park.


## 4. Bane Ridge Trail

A horse-friendly trail located near Chino Hills itself, the Bane Ridge Trail is a total distance of 4.7 miles and promises an enthralling riding experience.


## 5. North Ridge Trail

This moderately rated trail is about 8.4 miles long and offers stunning views of wildflowers during blooming season. The North Ridge Trail is among the favorites for horseback riders in the state park.


## 6. Little Canyon Loop trail

The Little Canyon Loop trail, a beautiful 2.5 mile trail near Chino Hills, is horse-accessible and offers riders scenic views of a cascading waterfall.


It's important to remember that while these trails are open to horse riders, they are shared with hikers and cyclists. Care and consideration are vital to ensuring a positive experience for all visitors. 


For more information, be sure to visit the official Chino Hills State Park website to stay updated about trail conditions and accessibility.



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