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Chugach National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Discover Horse-Friendly Trails at Chugach National Forest in Alaska


As a horseback rider, you're always on the lookout for a fresh adventure. Imagine exploring majestic forests, mountain landscapes, and enchanting wildlife on horseback. Isn't that the dream? Well, it's time to saddle up because Chugach National Forest in Alaska offers the very opportunity! This article will guide you through some specific horse-friendly trails at Chugach National Forest in scenic Alaska. 


1. **Resurrection Pass Trail**


This trail is a multi-use and evolves with the season. While it transforms into a winter playground for snowmobiles and cross country skiers when the snow falls, in the summer, it's ideal for horseback riding. This exceptionally maintained path stretches for 39 miles, offering an epic journey with fantastic terrain diversity and beauty.


2. **Iditarod National Historic Trail**


Carrying a rich history, the Iditarod trail's serene beauty and diverse landscapes are an equestrian's delight. With over 2300 miles of trail, it is easily accessible from various parts of Chugach National Forest. Please remember that parts of the trail pass through private lands and respect for property rights is crucial.


3. **Johnson Pass Trail**


Johnson Pass Trail offers an enjoyable, moderate trail ride experience. The trail stretches for around 23 miles and is well-maintained, ensuring a smooth ride. The towering trees, natural springs, and awe-inspiring mountainous backdrop make for a sight to behold and enjoy at a horse's pace.


4. **Russian Lakes Trail**


Boasting 21 miles of beautifully rugged trail, the Russian Lakes Trail meanders through old-growth forest, mountain passes, and serene lakeside paths. The trail, well known for its fishing spots, offers excellent chances for wildlife viewing, and horses are indeed welcome. 


5. **Crown Point Mine Trail**


Dotted with echoes of past mining activities, this 1.5 mile trail may be short but is ample with historical traditional vibes. As a multi-use trail, horses are welcome to tread this scenic path, rich with remnants of Alaska's mining history.


6. **Lost Lake Run**


This incredibly scenic 16-mile route is a treasure for horse riders. The steady climb up dollies towards the alpine environment, providing breath-taking views of the lake, mountains, and sea. 


Disclaimer: Respect the privilege of riding on these trails by adhering to all the rules and regulations. Please ensure you clean up after your horse and consider other trail users by controlling your horse's speed.




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