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Cibola National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Saddle Up: Equine Friendly Trails in Cibola National Forest, New Mexico 


Are you ready to gallop through nature on horseback? Cibola National Forest, spread across portions of New Mexico, has some fantastic horse-friendly trails that offer breathtaking views, varied terrains, and unique ecosystems. From short rides to extended trail runs, check out our curated list for an unforgettable equine adventure. 


1. **Fourth of July Trail**: This trail spans approximately 2 miles and takes riders through dense forest, providing shade and beautiful sights of wildflowers in the spring. The trail is well-marked, making it a relaxing ride for novices and experienced riders alike.


2. **Cibola Crest Trail**: Extending for about 20 miles, this trail is for the horse lover wanting an extended trail run. The trail offers panoramic views of Cibola National Forest and the surrounding countryside, with the slightly rugged terrain giving an adventurous feel to the ride. 


3. **Crest Spur Trail**: The Crest Spur Trail is on the shorter side, featuring mostly flat terrains, making it ideal for beginners or those looking for a relaxed ride. Running for about 1.5 miles, it offers gorgeous views of the forest and is particularly scenic during the fall.


4. **Del Norte Trail**: With varying terrains, the Del Norte Trail stretches for 4 miles, providing horse riders with a moderately challenging yet enjoyable experience. Gliding through dense forests, the trail also offers striking views of the nearby mountains.


5. **Manzano Mountains Trail**: This long-distance trail is 38 miles, and the ride is truly special. The trail traverses through various ecosystems, providing riders with unique woodland experiences. Be prepared for some exceptional views of the Manzano Mountains.


6. **Apache Kid Trail**: This challenging trail runs for about 45 miles. This trail is recommended for experienced riders due to its rocky stretches and steep slopes. However, the striking beauty of the trail more than compensates for its challenges. 


Please ensure to check local regulations, notices, and weather conditions before your ride. Happy Trails!




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