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Coconino National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Treasured Trails for Horseback Riding in Coconino National Forest 


If horseback riding in naturally carved landscapes is an activity you cherish, the Coconino National Forest in Arizona provides an array of horse-friendly trails to explore. Embrace the wanderlust and gallop your way through towering trees, majestic mountains, and alongside surreal streams on these multi-use trails. 


1. Bell Trail #13


Bell Trail #13 is a popular trail within the Wet Beaver Wilderness that features a diverse landscape that's perfect for a horseback ride. This trail stretches for over 11 miles and is open for horseback riders throughout the year. Embrace the beauty of streamside habitats and upland desert areas on a memorable journey. 1


2. Kelsey Trail #3


Experience the joy of riding your horse in the heart of Sycamore Canyon by choosing the Kelsey Trail #3. It's known for its lushly vegetated landscapes, picturesque canyon views, and the idyllic cool breeze of Kelsey Spring. This trail is 5.6 miles long. 2


3. West Clear Creek Wilderness Trails


West Clear Creek Wilderness Trails offer horseback riders a tranquil experience amidst crystal clear streams and greenery-laden landscapes. Enjoy the peace and serenity of this 15.6-mile round trip trail showcasing picturesque views and diverse ecological splendors. 3


4. Old Caves Crater Trail


This moderately difficult 4-mile loop trail in Coconino National Forest offers panoramic views of Mount Elden and the San Francisco Peaks. Horses are welcome on the Old Caves Crater Trail, immersing riders in colorful geologic features and a display of diverse vegetation. 4


5. Passage 30 of the Arizona Trail


The Arizona Trail's Passage 30 wraps up our list of the top horse-friendly trails in Coconino National Forest. It's an unforgettable trail stretching 19.5 miles, traversing the captivating forest landscape and offering riders breathtaking mountain views. 5


Visitors and horse enthusiasts should always review the best practices for trail use and local regulations to ensure a fun, safe ride. Time to saddle up and explore!



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