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Coeur D ALene River National Recreation Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Riding Trails at Coeur D Alene River National Recreation Trail in Idaho 


Attention all equestrians! If you're in search of the perfect place to ride your beloved hooved friends, look no further than the Coeur D Alene River National Recreation Trail in Idaho. This incredible park serves as a paradise for horseback riding enthusiasts, coming with a wide range of horse-friendly trails. Here's a detailed list of the spectacular trails that welcome our four-legged friends.


1. **Lower Marie Creek Trail**


Lower Marie Creek Trail is a classic when it comes to horse riding in Coeur D Alene River National Recreation Trail. It beckons riders with its lush sceneries that consist of a thriving mix of hardwoods and evergreens. Make sure to enjoy the sight of wildflowers blooming in spring and summer.


2. **Fred Burr Loop Trail**


Fred Burr Loop Trail is undeniably an equestrian’s delight. It offers a peaceful, quiet ride enveloped by native trees and vegetation. The calming rustle of leaves underfoot and the interplay of sunlight and shadows make the journey a visual treat.


3. **Bumblebee Bridge Trail**


The Bumblebee Bridge Trail is another notable trail that allows horses. It will lead you and your horse through serene woods adjacent to sparkling waters. Give your horse a good run and enjoy the breathtaking panoramas that unfold at every bend.


4. **Little Guard Lookout Trail**


A bit challenging due to the incline, but the panoramic view at the top of the Little Guard Lookout Trail is worth the effort. You and your horse can marvel at the stunning vistas of surrounding peaks and valleys as you navigate your way through the terrain.


5. **East Fork Mission Creek Trail**


The East Fork Mission Creek Trail is a lesser-known gem that offers a tranquil and serene horseback riding trail experience. This trail presents a unique blend of woodland areas and small streams, ensuring a variety of scenery for riders to admire.


6. **Coeur D Alene River Trail #20**


One of the park's crown jewels, the Coeur D Alene River Trail #20 offers horse riders a beautiful view of the river. It's a relatively easy ride, so it's perfect for a gentle canter with your horse, especially during sunrise or sunset when the light dances off the water.


Please ensure to follow all posted signage and trail regulations and keep our trails clean and usable for everyone. Happy Exploring!



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