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Colorado State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails in Colorado State Forest: Exclusive Equestrian Destinations


Are you eager to explore the pristine beauty of Colorado State Forest on horseback? You're in luck! We've rounded up a list of horse-friendly trails within Colorado State Forest that offer an array of scenic views and thrilling terrains, ensuring a memorable outdoor adventure for every horseback rider. 


1. **Clear Lake Trail**


Departing from the Michigan Reservoir Campground, the Clear Lake trail clocks in at around 3.1 miles. A favorite among horseback riders and hikers alike, this trail offers stunning vistas of Clear Lake and the verdant forest sprawl.


2. **Ruby Jewel Trail**


The Ruby Jewel Trail is a moderate, 4.4-mile trail starting from CR 41. Its varied terrain, from soft meadows to steep inclines, provides riders a delightful challenge. Anticipate awe-inspiring views as you and your horse traverse this stunning landscape.


3. **Seven Utes Mountain**


This trail might be a challenging climb, but the panoramic view of the Never Summer Mountains from Seven Utes Mountain's top makes it a worthwhile endeavor. The trail, often used by horses, measures approximately 4.6 miles.


4. **Kelly Lake Trail**


With both summer and winter accessibility, the Kelly Lake Trail is a popular choice among equestrians. This fairly complex, 7.8-mile trail promises an adventurous ride amidst the beauty of Colorado State Forest.


5. **Diamond Peaks Trail**


Diamond Peaks Trail, lying on the outskirts of Colorado State Forest, is an excellent ride for experienced equestrians. The 4.7-mile trail will take you through the scenic beauty of the forest, ending with a great view of the Diamond Peaks.


6. **North Canadian Trail**


At 6.2 miles, North Canadian Trail is one of Colorado State Forest’s longest trails. This trail is ideal for horseback riders in search of a longer journey through the rugged wilderness and often leads to serene picnic spots.


7. **Gould Loop Trail**


The Gould Loop Trail, clocking in at nearly 4.9 miles, presents moderate difficulty and serves as a great option for a relaxed journey through dense Colorado forests, showcasing the best that the wilderness has to offer.


Now that you've discovered the stunning horse-friendly trails in the Colorado State Forest, it's time to saddle up and hit the trail for an unforgettable adventure!



1. Colorado State Forest Service Website




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