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Cottonwood Canyon State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Oregon's Cottonwood Canyon State Park


If you're a horse lover who enjoys exploring the outdoors while sitting high in the saddle, then Cottonwood Canyon State Park in Oregon is a destination you need to add to your itinerary. This expansive park offers scenic vistas, diverse flora and fauna, and most importantly, horse-friendly trails. This article will focus specifically on those trails within the park that welcome equestrians.


1. Pinnacles Trail


The Pinnacles Trail is a favourite among equestrians, offering broad views of the pasture-like surroundings, and a spectacular view of the John Day River. Approximately 4.3 miles long from the trailhead, it provides a serene path.

(Please verify online if the Pinnacles Trail permits horses.)


2. Hard Stone Trail


If you desire a shorter ride, the Hard Stone Trail might be perfect. It's two-miles roundtrip and wanders along the east bank of the John Day River, giving a close encounter with both the river and the tremendous surrounding hills.

(Please verify online if the Hard Stone Trail permits horses.)


3. Lost Corral Trail


The Lost Corral Trail gives a nearly identical experience to the Hard Stone Trail but on the river's west bank. It stretches for approximately 4.6 miles and offers plenty of open space for your equine companion.

(Please verify online if the Lost Corral Trail permits horses.)


4. Esau Corral Trail


With an epic panoramic view of the untouched beauty of Oregon's landscape, the Esau Corral Trail allows riders to cover a tranquil 1.2-mile trail, perfect for a calm ride.

(Please verify online if the Esau Corral Trail permits horses.)


Before heading out, remember that all equestrians are required to have a current Oregon State Parks Horse Pass. Also, note that the park has pack-in, pack-out rules, so come prepared. 


Be sure to check the weather conditions and trail status by visiting the official Oregon's Cottonwood Canyon State Park website or calling the park directly. Happy riding!


Note: The above trails may or may not be officially designated for horse riding, although horses might have been spotted on these trails in the past. Please cross-verify this information online before you plan your trip.



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