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Croatan National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: 5 Best Horse Friendly Trails in Croatan National Forest, North Carolina


Hello trail-loving equestrians! Today we are saddling up for a scenic ride in the heartland of North Carolina. Outlined below are five exceptional, horse-friendly trails in the Croatan National Forest that offer diverse experiences ranging from meandering paths along towering trees to tranquil beach rides alongside serene lakes.


1. Neusiok Trail

Take pleasure in the 20 miles of the Neusiok Trail, connecting the Pine Cliff Recreation Area to the Newport River. Meandering through cypress swamps, hardwood forests, and pine savannas, this trail offers a wide variety of terrain. It's a stunning ride during all seasons as spring is teeming with wildflowers, autumn decorated with colorful leaves, and winter revealing the forest floor covered in frost. 1


2. Island Creek Forest Walk 

The Island Creek Forest Walk, also accommodating horses, is a relaxed 1.5-mile loop trail ideal for a quiet ride. Along the trail, let your horse savor the stream crossings while you admire abundant wildflowers, towering loblolly pines, and various hardwoods. 2


3. Pine Cliff Recreation Area

The Pine Cliff Recreation Area offers an idyllic trail system dedicated to horse riding. This horse-friendly trail encompasses distinctive habitats of coastal Carolina, including views over the sparkling white cliffs of the Neuse River. 3


4. Black Swamp OHV Trail 

Designed primarily for off-highway vehicles, the Black Swamp OHV Trail also entertains horse riding. This trail is unique as it traverses through a lush, black swamp and extensive pine forests affording riders an invigorating blend of landscapes. 4


5. Cedar Point Tideland Trail

Embark on a picturesque journey along the Cedar Point Tideland trail. While primarily a foot path, horses are also permitted to explore the salt marshes along the White Oak River, offering remarkable bird watching opportunities. 5


Before starting an adventure, bear in mind to double-check local trail regulations and current weather conditions. Follow leave-no-trace principles to keep these trails pristine for generations to enjoy. So, saddle up and gallop along these beautiful horse-friendly trails in the stunning Croatan National Forest!










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