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Custer State Park - Norbeck Wildelife Preserve Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse Friendly Trails at Custer State Park - Norbeck Wildlife Preserve, South Dakota


If you're an equestrian enthusiast looking for a scenic and rewarding experience, look no further! Custer State Park - Norbeck Wildlife Preserve in South Dakota offers a variety of trails that effortlessly blend nature and adventure for horseback riders. Here is a list of trails that specifically allow horses.


1. **Iron Creek Horse Trail**: This trail is a unique treasure extending over 10 miles, offering captivating views of the Harney Range and its wind-sculpted rocky outcrops. This trail is open to horses and their riders year-round, making it a versatile option for every season 1. 


2. **Centennial Trail**: Designed for equestrians, hikers, and bikers, Centennial Trail spans 111 miles, connecting Bear Butte State Park in the north to Wind Cave National Park in the south. This lengthy journey traverses through Custer State Park, providing ample opportunities to experience nature at its finest 2.


3. **Sundance Trail**: This moderately challenging trail is perfect for those seeking exploration and adventure with their horses. Unfurling for about 13.5 miles, the Sundance Trail promises intriguing wildlife sightings and enchanting forested environments 1.


4. **Little Devil's Tower Trail**: As one of the shorter trails allowing horses (approximately 1.5 miles each way), Little Devil's Tower is perfect for a brief, yet beautiful ride. With panoramic views of Custer State Park's rugged landscapes, this trail is not to be missed 3.


5. **Willow Creek Rushmore Trail**: A tranquil yet adventurous path, the Willow Creek Rushmore Trail delivers stupendous views and moderate difficulty levels for horse riders. Extending about 5.5 miles, this trail promises a unique riding experience filled with breathtaking nature scenes 1.


It's time to embark on your horseback riding adventure at Custer State Park - Norbeck Wildlife Preserve. So, gather your equestrian gear and let the trails become your guide! 




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