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D A R Memorial State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at D A R Memorial State Forest, Massachusetts 


Did you know that D A R Memorial State Forest in Massachusetts offers some fantastic trails for horseback rides? Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, there's something for everyone here! In this article, we will review each horse-friendly trail to plan your ride down to the finest detail.


1. Bradley Farm Trail

Start your horseback riding journey with the Bradley Farm Trail. This multi-use trail extends over a versatile terrain, offering a mix of stunning scenery, from water bodies to dense woodlands. Winding paths will put to the test your horse's agility but also make the ride more exhilarating. As the trail levels up in several places, ensure your horse is physically fit for the adventure.


2. Overlook Trail

Next on our list is the Overlook Trail. As the name suggests, it treats riders to amazing panoramic views of the forest. It is a challenging trail due to its steep, rocky sections, making it suitable for skilled riders. Yet the rewarding views will make the adrenaline rush worthwhile.


3. Mother Walker Falls Trail

The trail's moniker comes from the soothing waterfall you can stop by mid-ride. Amid the music of falling water and birds chirping, you will experience an incredible bonding moment with your horse. The trail surface is mostly grassy, making it a smooth ride most of the time. 


4. Laurel Loop

Ranked easier than other trails, Laurel Loop is just right for novice riders and their horses. It takes you through a region abundant with picturesque laurel trees and other plantations. You can't help but admire the natural beauty while indulving in an effortless, tranquil ride. 


5. Memorial Grove Link

The Memorial Grove Link trail connects to various other trails in the state forest, adding an element of versatility to your riding experience. It's a favorite choice among riders due to the array of beautiful landscapes that cover the trail's entire length.


6. Cascade Link

Riding on the Cascade Link trail feels like a dream. As the name suggests, the highlight of this trail is the view of cascading waterfalls that are simply breathtaking.


7. Busby Trail

For more advanced riders, the Busby Trail offers a blend of moderate to steep slopes that can put your riding skills to the test. The surrounding dense vegetation and the sight of wildlife add a pop of excitement to the overall journey.


8. Candy Mountain Crossing

Regardless of its challenging uphill climb, Candy Mountain Crossing continues to be a treasured trail among those who love to combine their passion for horse riding with nature appreciation. 


Before heading out, remember to check with D A R Memorial State Forest about their current guidelines and regulations regarding horseback riding. This ensures a safe and enjoyable adventure for you and your horse. 



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