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Discover Equine Paradise at Deam Lake Recreational Area
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Deam Lake Recreational Area in Indiana | Top Horse Trails

In the heart of Indiana's natural embrace lies Deam Lake Recreational Area, an expansive haven that beckons nature enthusiasts and, in particular, horse lovers. This is not just a campground; it's an equine paradise where the spirit of Charles Deam, Indiana's first state forester, resonates through the rustle of leaves and the rhythmic beats of hooves.

Lakefront Bliss and More

Deam Lake isn't just a picturesque water body; it's an adventure waiting to unfold. Fishing aficionados cast their lines into the 194-acre lake, while boaters navigate its serene waters. Swimmers revel in the cool embrace of the lake, and families find joy in lakeside picnics under the Indiana sun. Here, recreation isn't a choice; it's a way of life.

Campsites: Where Comfort Meets Wilderness

For those seeking a home away from home, Deam Lake doesn't disappoint. The family campground boasts 113 electric campsites, each a retreat of comfort amidst nature's bounty. But the true gem for equestrian enthusiasts lies in the dedicated equestrian campground.

Equine Haven: A Campground Like No Other

Imagine waking up to the gentle nickering of your horse and the scent of nature's morning breath. This is the experience the equestrian campground at Deam Lake offers. With 63 electric campsites adorned with a hitching post and an additional 36 electric campsites featuring a horse stall, this is a haven where equine companions are as cherished as the lush surroundings.

Trails That Whisper Through Time

The equestrian campground isn't just a base; it's a portal to adventure. Two short lead-outs connect riders to an extensive network of trails stretching 80 miles across the iconic Clark State Forest. These trails are more than dirt paths; they are whispers through time, echoing the heritage of Indiana's wild heart.

Adventure Awaits: From Hooves to Hiking Boots

Deam Lake transcends the equestrian realm. It's a place where the scent of pine mingles with the thrill of discovery. Hikers weave through trails that unveil the secrets of the forest, and hunters find designated areas where tradition meets the pursuit of game.

Preserving Nature, Preserving Legacy

In every rustle of leaves and every ripple on the lake, the legacy of Charles Deam thrives. This recreational area is more than a playground; it's a testament to Indiana's commitment to preserving its natural heritage. For over half a century, this lake has cradled the dreams of anglers, the laughter of families, and now, the hoofbeats of equine companions.

Experience Deam Lake: Where Equine Majesty Meets Natural Grandeur

Deam Lake Recreational Area isn't just a campsite; it's a symphony of experiences. It's where the elegance of equine majesty meets the grandeur of Indiana's wilderness. So, whether you're a seasoned rider or a family seeking nature's embrace, let Deam Lake be your guide to a world where adventure knows no bounds.


Deam Lake Recreational Area offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Campsites: electric, equestrian electric and rent-a-camp cabins.
  • Equestrian campground offers 63 electric campsites
  • 36 electric campsites that come with a horse stall
  • 80 miles of multipurpose trails
  • Electric hookup at each site
  • Modern restrooms/showers (at least one shower station wheelchair accessible)
  • 19 rent-a-camp cabins available seasonally (April - October)
  • Picnic table
  • Fire ring
  • Parking spur.
  • Drinking water/fill station
  • a dump station
  • Hitching post


Knobstone Trailhead The Deam Lake

Knobstone Trailhead has been relocated inside Deam Lake State Recreation Area. After the entrance to the property, take the first right and follow the road until it ends at the trailhead which shares parking with the Buzzard Roost Picnic Shelter. Knobstone Trail maps can be purchased at the Deam Lake Office.


Cost Details:

  • Call for details



  • Campsites are available for reservation up to six months in advance by calling 1-866-622-6746 or online at 
  • Shelters must be vacated by the start of quite hours which begins at 11PM. Tables and grills are located at each shelter.
  • No pets, smoking or cooking permitted in cabins.


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Deam Lake Recreational Area does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Deam Lake Recreational Area for more information.