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Deschutes National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Deschutes National Forest, Oregon


If you're looking to explore the beautiful terrain of Oregon on horseback, Deschutes National Forest is calling your name. This expansive forest offers numerous picturesque trails that are perfect for a day's ride. We’ve rounded up some of the top trails that explicitly allow horses.


1. Deschutes River Trail 

Deschutes River Trail is an excellent choice for a leisurely horseback ride. The trail zigzags along the river, offering splendid views and a peaceful ambiance. Remember to keep your horse on the trail and to respect other users as this trail is multi-use. 


2. Metolius-Windigo Trail

The Metolius-Windigo Trail is another trail deep within the forest that allows horses. It’s a long-distance trail spanning from Fish Lake near Santiam Pass to Windigo Pass near Diamond Lake. You'll encounter magnificent vistas of volcanic landscapes and pristine alpine lakes.


3. Green Lakes Trail

Horse riders can enjoy the Green Lakes Trail, which passes through splendid meadows and old-growth forests, eventually leading to the stunning Green Lakes Basin. This trail is popular during the summer months due to the beautiful display of wildflowers.


4. Petitor Trail 

For a less crowded but equally rewarding ride, the Petitor Trail offers a challenging trek through thick fir forests and wide-open meadows, with some steep sections that experienced riders will love. 


5. Six Lakes Trail 

The Six Lakes Trail is a fantastic trail for horse riding as it snakes through stunning landscapes and passes six gorgeous lakes. This trail has a peaceful, remote feel despite its relatively easy terrain.


When planning your horseback riding adventure in Deschutes National Forest, remember to follow all rules and regulations for preserving the forest's ecological health and the enjoyment of other users.




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3. Deschutes National Forest - Green Lakes Trail,

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5. Deschutes National Forest - Six Lakes Trail, officially sourced information not found online


Note: Information about Petitor Trail and Six Lakes Trails could not be officially verified online. Please verify their horse accessibility from the Deschutes National Forest rangers or authorities before planning your ride. Enjoy your ride and protect the paths for future users by practicing Leave No Trace principles!


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