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Discover Equine Paradise at Eagle Ridge Campground
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Eagle Ridge Campground in Kansas | Top Horse Trails

In the embrace of Milford State Park, where nature's symphony meets the tranquil shores of a pristine lake, lies the equestrian haven known as Eagle Ridge Campground. This is not just a campsite; it's a sanctuary for those who seek the rhythmic melody of hoofbeats against the backdrop of Kansas's natural beauty.

A Campground by the Lakeside

Eagle Ridge Campground is a jewel within Milford State Park, a picturesque setting along the serene banks of the lake. For water enthusiasts, the lake offers a myriad of aquatic activities, ensuring that every visitor finds their preferred slice of waterfront bliss. But it's not just the lake that beckons; it's the seamless integration of nature and comfort that defines Eagle Ridge.

Full Hookups and Creature Comforts

Campsites at Eagle Ridge are more than just spaces; they are gateways to convenience and relaxation. Full hookups with 50-amp service cater to the needs of modern campers, ensuring that every stay is marked by comfort. The campground boasts a selection of sites strategically positioned for easy access to these amenities. For those who prefer a touch of luxury, cabins equipped with air conditioning and electricity stand as retreats amidst the wild.

Picnics Amidst Nature's Canvas

Picnic shelters scattered throughout the campground offer not just a place to dine but an opportunity to commune with nature. Whether you're enjoying a family barbecue or an intimate meal, Eagle Ridge ensures that every picnic is a journey into the heart of the outdoors.

Equestrian Bliss: Corrals and Beyond

For horse enthusiasts, Eagle Ridge is more than a campground; it's an equestrian paradise. The campground features 24'x24' corrals, providing ample space for your equine companions. This thoughtful inclusion transforms Eagle Ridge into a haven for riders, where the bond between horse and rider can be nurtured against the scenic backdrop of Milford State Park.

A Symphony of Outdoor Adventures

Beyond the campground borders, Milford State Park offers a symphony of outdoor adventures. Whether you're casting a line into the lake's clear waters, exploring hiking trails, or reveling in the thrill of equestrian escapades, Eagle Ridge ensures that every moment is a note in the grand composition of your outdoor journey.

Preserving Tranquility, Creating Memories

Eagle Ridge Campground is not just a campsite; it's a testament to the harmony between man and nature. It's a place where tranquility is preserved, and memories are crafted around crackling campfires and under the vast, star-studded Kansas sky.


Unleash Your Equestrian Spirit at Eagle Ridge Campground

So, if your heart gallops in sync with the spirit of adventure, if you seek the serenity of lakeside landscapes and the camaraderie of fellow riders, Eagle Ridge Campground is not just a destination; it's an invitation to unleash your equestrian spirit in the heart of Kansas's natural splendor.


Located northwest of Junction City, west of K-77 on K-57


Eagle Ridge Campground offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Campsites are full hookups with 50 amp service and frost-free hydrants
  • Water, Sewage, and Electricity
  • 24'x24' corrals
  • Restrooms
  • Wash bay
  • Equestrian trails


Milford State Park is located on the southeast shore of the state's largest lake, 15,709 surface-acre Milford Reservoir, Milford State Park is a favorite getaway for outdoors-loving visitors. It is a popular destination for anglers eager for walleye, crappie, largemouth bass, white bass, catfish, and smallmouth bass.


Cost Details:

  • Call for details



  • Eagle Ridge is an equestrian campground with 24'x24' corrals near sites 201, 207, 208, 216, and 221.
  • Campsites 201, 202, 206, 207, 209, 210, 218, and 220 are back-in campsites with hookups on the passenger side (opposite of typical back-in campsites). 
  • Sites 201E, 206E-209E, 212E, 213E, 220E, and 221E are equestrian only sites. These sites must be booked through the park office.
  • Campsites are reservable.


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Eagle Ridge Campground does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Eagle Ridge Campground for more information.