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Elijah Bristow State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Saddle Up! Horse-Friendly Trails at Elijah Bristow State Park in Oregon


Are you and your equine companion on the hunt for the perfect trail? Look no further than Elijah Bristow State Park in Oregon. Known for its spectacular nature and splendid routes, this state park welcomes equestrians with open arms and a variety of trails. We’ve rounded up a list of horse-friendly trails in the park, so dust off your saddles and get ready for a galloping adventure.


1. River Trail

The River Trail is an approximately 3.5-mile loop offering sublime views of the Willamette River. Expect mixed terrain, with flat sections and some small hills. It provides excellent opportunities for wildlife sighting as well. The trail is multi-use, so expect to come across hikers and runners. 


2. Six Oaks Trail

True to its name, Six Oaks Trail takes riders through a serene and splendid stretch of oak-lined pathways. It's a relatively flat 1.5-mile loop, making it perfect for a relaxing trot with your four-legged friend. This trail connects to the River Trail and the Turtle Loop.


3. Turtle Loop

Don’t let the name fool you! The Turtle Loop is not for slowpokes. This 2-mile loop is favored by trail riders for its combination of relaxed stretches with moderate inclines. It's a good choice if you’re up for a bit more challenge and want to enjoy the abundant flora and fauna the park has to offer. 


4. Woodland Trail

A perfect excuse to escape city hustle, Woodland trail comprises a 2.5-mile loop within a lush, peaceful forest habitat. The soft dirt path is ideal for horse treks. The trail has some narrow sections and is shared with hikers, so respect for others on the trail is essential.


Follow the posted signs marked with horse symbols at trailheads throughout the state park to ensure you're on the correct path. Remember to clean up after your horse and stick to the trails to help preserve the park’s natural beauty. 


Elijah Bristow State Park offers a wonderful array of trails for every kind of equestrian adventurer. So, next weekend, grab your horse and gear and hit these trails for an unforgettable ride!



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