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Elkhorn State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Elkhorn State Park, Montana


Horses and their human companions share a special bond, and there's no better way to deepen that connection than by exploring nature together on horse-friendly trails. One of the best places to do just that is Elkhorn State Park in Montana. This guide reveals the best horse-approved trails in the park—saddle up and get ready to experience the wilds of Big Sky Country.


1. **Elkhorn Loop Trail**

The Elkhorn Loop trail is a well-liked trail that is perfect for equestrian outings. Spanning about 20 miles, this trail offers a blend of beautiful views and moderate inclines. As you traverse the scenic landscapes on horseback, you'll encounter verdant forested areas and breathtaking wildflower fields, making this route an equestrian's daydream. 


2. **Entertainment Trail**

Despite being slightly challenging, the Entertainment Trail is a rewarding experience for seasoned riders and their equine friends. At around 8 miles long, it will introduce riders to diverse eco-systems and abundant wildlife. The trail is relatively unpopulated, providing a tranquil experience for those looking for solitude in nature.


3. **Aspen Grove Trail**

The Aspen Grove Trail is ideal for every level of horsemanship, as it's a relatively flat, easy trail. Covering approximately 5 miles, it rewards riders with stretches of aspen groves and wide-open meadows, where horses often feel at ease. It's a shorter ride that still packs a punch in terms of beauty and the joy of horse-riding. 


4. **Tumbleweed Pass Trail**

Take your horse on a journey through time on Tumbleweed Pass Trail. This 10-mile scenic trail winds through historic mining areas, giving riders an opportunity to explore Montana's rich history while enjoying a leisurely ride. Considered less challenging than some other routes, it's perfect for beginner horseback riders. 


5. **Gold Hill Trail**

Enjoy the extraordinary panorama of Montana's landscapes on horseback by choosing the Gold Hill Trail. This route runs for approximately 15 miles, showcasing the landscapes of the Elkhorn Mountain high-country. Although it might be demanding for novice riders and horses, its rewarding views make it a must-do experience for the more experienced. 


Before heading out on these trails, always practice leave-no-trace principles, respect wildlife, give them space, and always let them have the right of way on the trails. Happy Trails!




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(Disclaimer: Please note, trail conditions and regulations can change, so it's advised to check with the official park site and local authorities before you go.)


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