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Erie Canal State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Heaven: Trailblazing the Erie Canal State Park in New York 


When it comes to horseback riding, the Erie Canal State Park in New York is an undiscovered gem boasting numerous equine-friendly trails. Sprawling across 524 miles and representing more than 200 years of history, the park offers diverse terrain, scenic views, and expansive pathways perfect for a fantastic horse-riding experience. This article provides a detailed description of each horse-friendly trail within the park, ensuring you saddle up to explore the best the park has to offer.


1. Old Erie Canal State Historic Park Trail

This 36-mile trail stretches from DeWitt to Rome, traversing through lush green landscapes, perfect for a tranquil horseback ride. The trail provides equestrians-wide and well-maintained paths that run parallel to the scenic Old Erie Canal. 


2. Camillus Erie Canal Park Trail

This trail offers a unique horse riding experience across approximately 7 miles of diversified terrains. It showcases well-preserved sections of the Erie Canal, interspersed with picturesque woodland and a 19th-century aqueduct.


3. Rome Canalway Trail

Looking for a smooth ride along a freshwater canal? The Rome Canalway Trail extends 4.7 miles, providing an effortless ride with stunning waterfront views, making it ideal for leisurely outings on horseback.


Only a few trails might be listed here, but always remember to respect trail etiquette when riding within the Erie Canal State Park. Ride on designated trails, keep a clean trail, and leave no trace. Happy riding!


While the above-mentioned trails permit horseback riding, it's always a good idea to check the current park rules and regulations. Trail conditions can change, and occasionally, temporary restrictions may be in place. 



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Please note that verification was done as per the latest available data, and the regulations could change over time. Always check with the official websites for the most current information.


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