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Fall Creek National Recreation Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Fall Creek National Recreation Trail, Oregon


Attention horse-riding enthusiasts! If you are looking for your next adventure, Fall Creek National Recreation Trail in Oregon offers an abundance of choices. Offering fresh air, scenic views, and perfectly suited trails, this magical location promises an incredible horse-riding experience.


Check out this list of specific trails that welcome horses at Fall Creek National Recreation Trail.


1. Fall Creek National Recreation Trail


First on our list is none other than the Fall Creek National Recreation Trail itself. This path is a top-notch choice for horseback riders. With a length of 31.3 miles, it's a trail that promises an engaging journey. It is characterized by old-growth trees, smaller trails leading off to gorgeous pools and falls, and opportunities to see diverse wildlife. Remember to stay safe and respect other users. (1)


2. Johnny Creek Nature Trail


This 3.5-mile trail is suitable for those seeking a less strenuous journey. Providing horse riders with lush surroundings filled with flowers, trees, and creek views, it makes for a leisurely day of horseback riding. Make sure to clean up after your horse to preserve the trail's cleanliness and ecosystem. (2)


3. Bedrock Campground Loop


Although it's primarily a camping place, Bedrock Campground also features a charming loop trail, which is perfect for horse-riding. Its easy-to-follow path of about 1.3 miles includes stunning Fall Creek views, perfect for a soothing horseback ride. (3)


Remember, always follow the trail guidelines, pack in pack out, and respect other trail users. Fall Creek National Recreation Trail is a gem that we should all help preserve for future generations.




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Please note that online information about trails may change or be updated. Always double-check with the official forest service or park websites before starting your journey. Enjoy your ride!



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