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Flathead National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Unleash Your Inner Equestrian: Horse-Friendly Trails in Montana’s Flathead National Forest




Do you want to saddle up and explore the stunning wilderness of Montana? As an equestrian lover, there’s nothing quite like traversing the picturesque trails of Flathead National Forest on horseback. Here are some of the top horse-friendly trails that cater specifically to equine adventurers.


(1) Swan Lake Ranger District:


First on our list is the Swan Lake Ranger District. The district hosts a myriad of horse-friendly trails. A popular one is the Lion Creek Trail (# 478). The scenic trail begins near Swan Lake and traverses picturesque mountain terrains with a distance of approximately 12.1 miles to mountaintop landscapes. 


(2) Hungry Horse and Glacier View Ranger Districts:


Within this district, the Mount Marston Lookout Trail (#71) is an ideal trail for horse-riding. It’s a 14.4-mile round-trip hike through lush green forests. This trail is not just a horse lover's dream but offers a fabulous view of the Hungry Horse Reservoir once you reach the top.


(3) Spotted Bear Ranger District:


In the Spotted Bear Ranger District, the Meadow Creek Trail (# 54) is another must-try. This trail begins at the Meadow Creek Gorge and crosses the scenic Flathead river, offering a 21.6-mile long trail ride surrounded by beautiful wilderness and wildlife.


(4) Alpine Trail #7:


Perhaps one of the most unforgettable trails is the Alpine #7. It offers a stunning ride around the Jewel Basin with its diverse 35-mile long trail. Your horses will experience a range of terrains from lush meadows to rugged mountain passes. 


(5) Glacier Gateway:


The Glacier Gateway district hosts the mesmerizing Three Forks Trail (#361). This trail traverses forested flanks and open meadows following the west fork of the Flathead River. It's a less crowded, peaceful ride for horse and riders.


Please remember that regulations can change, so always check the current guidelines before embarking on an adventure. 


Happy Trails, Riders!




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