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Francis Marion And Sumter National Forests Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests You Need to Explore 


Horseback riding in South Carolina is a unique experience, especially when it’s the horse-friendly trails in Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests. These forests offer some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the state, making it a favored place for riders. Below, we've compiled a list of trails where you, your friends, and your trusty steeds are most welcome. 


1. **Woods Ferry Horse Trail**: This trail offers an interactive 15-mile journey through Carolina’s backcountry. Experience diverse eco-systems and 

   riverine landscapes while on horseback on this multi-use trail.


2. **Palmetto Trail- Enoree Passage**: A segment of the statewide Palmetto Trail, this 36-mile section lets you explore the beauty of the Sumter National Forest with your horse. 


3. **Lick Fork Lake Recreation Area**: Relish beautiful lake views and lush camping areas on horseback in this scenic spot nestled in Sumter National Forest. 


4. **Cedar Springs Horse Trail**: Explore Sumter National Forest on this 15-mile marked trail as it meanders through hardwood ridges, alongside creeks, and across open fields.


To guarantee the enjoyment of everyone, always remember to follow the recommended horse riding protocols, including minimizing impact by staying on trails, and respecting other trail users. Before planning your visit, it is advised to check the latest trail conditions and regulations as trails can occasionally close for maintenance or due to weather conditions.


Enjoy the fascinating blend of woodland, wildlife, and waterways on these extraordinary trails particularly fashioned for horse riding lovers. Grab your riding gear and make the most of these tranquil trails with your equine companions.



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Disclaimer: This information is accurate as of the date of publication. Always check for the latest information and trail rules before each visit. 


**Remember that trail conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly. Always be prepared and prioritize safety when riding on these trails. Happy riding!**


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