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Freetown Fall River State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hit the Trail: A Guide to Horse-friendly Trails in Freetown Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts


Introduction: Situated in the southeastern corner of the Bay State, Freetown Fall River State Forest is a natural gem that boasts over 5,000 acres of lush woodland, swamps, ponds, and a plethora of multi-use trails. Horse enthusiasts will be delighted to know that there are specific trails designed to cater to equestrian activities, allowing you to indulge in a scenic ride while absorbing the serene beauty that nature offers. In this article, we outline the top trails in the Freetown Fall River State Forest that are open for equestrian use. 


1. **The Warner Trail**

This 30-mile trail starts in Rhode Island and crosses the state line into Massachusetts, meandering through a sizable chunk of Freetown Fall River State Forest. Its horse-friendly trail allows you to venture at your own pace while exploring surrounding areas. Its pristine, woodsy charm packed with diverse wildlife assures you a memorable escapade. 


2. **The Route 24 Trails**

Here you can enjoy a well-marked network of trails that sprawl out on either side of Route 24. Rich in biodiversity, your trail ride is sure to be enhanced by the varied landscapes and picturesque vistas that abound on these equestrian-approved paths. 


3. **The Healthy Heart Trail**

The Healthy Heart Trail may be a shorter route compared to others on this list, but it guarantees a scenic round-trip for you and your horse. It's a well-maintained trail that meanders around serene ponds and leafy vegetation, making every ride a soothing adventure. 


4. **The Bell Rock Road**

If you're after an immersive, heart-thumping ride, then the undulating terrain of Bell Rock Road trail is perfect for you! It's a more challenging course, making it an excellent choice for seasoned riders and ambitious beginners aiming to take their equestrian skills to the next level.


5. **The Profile Rock Path**

This short trail leading up to the renowned Profile Rock grants you a unique opportunity to combine your ride with exploration of this incredible site. Punctuated with smaller off-shoot trails, enjoy the flexibility to go off the beaten path while remaining on horse-friendly ground.


In conclusion, Freetown Fall River State Forest provides a bountiful selection of trails that cater to equestrians of all skill levels. Whether you crave serene journeys amidst flora and fauna, challenging terrains, or historical encounters, this Massachusetts treasure will deliver.



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