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Fremont National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Fremont National Forest, Oregon


As an equestrian lover, you probably love exploring horse-friendly trails. One of the most prominent destinations for horse camping and riding is the Fremont National Forest in Oregon. Known for its stunning scenery, wildlife viewing opportunities, and, of course, its horse-friendly trails, it's a must-go for riders. Here's a list of specific trails in Fremont National Forest where your horses are welcome:


1. **Gearhart Mountain Trail #100**


  This 40-mile trail is located in the heart of the forest and is popular amongst horse riders due to its low traffic. You'll experience heights of 8000 feet with panoramic views of the surrounding forest. 


2. **Baldy Mountain Trail #101**


  A part of the Mountain Lakes Wilderness, this 7-mile trail offers stunning views of Diamond Peak and Mount Thielsen. It is open for horses and provides an adventurous and challenging ride.


3. **Indian Creek Butte Trail #111**


  This 2.5-mile trail is notably flat, making it an excellent choice for beginners. While riding through the ponderosa pine and aspen groves, equestrians can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.


4. **Miller Lake Trail #3722**


   This 13.3-mile trail provides a moderate challenge with an elevation gain of 1,925 feet. The trail goes around scenic Miller Lake, offering excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing.


5. **Campbell Lake Trail #3723**


    It's a relatively short trail of about 3.2 miles, running near Campbell and Deadhorse Lakes. Horse campgrounds are conveniently located near the trailhead.


6. **Rock Creek Trail #3705**


   This 15.9-mile trail traverses through the Mountain Lakes Wilderness, offering an exciting ride with its rich wildlife, lake views, and lush forests.


For proper guidance, riders must follow the most current trail maps and trail-specific guidelines. Always remember to clean up after your horses and respect the trails to maintain their unspoiled nature for future visitors.




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