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French Creek State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: 'Saddle Up and Explore: Horse Trails at French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania' 


Undeniably, any equestrian enthusiast would attest: there's something unique about the camaraderie formed between horse and rider while adventuring through the beauty of nature. French Creek State Park in the heart of Pennsylvania is a haven for equestrians, offering several trails specifically designed to cater to horseback riding. 


IMPORTANT: Information was last updated in 2021; please check individual trail requirements online prior to your visit.


1. Mill Creek Trail: Spanning a total of 6 miles, this trail provides an intermediate, yet enjoyable riding experience as it winds around the park's Hopewell Lake. The scenic views along the trail are breathtaking, and variety in terrain keeps the ride interesting (1).


2. Boone Trail: Not one for the faint-hearted, the Boone Trail stretches out for a challenging 7.5 miles. Providing a mix of forest, fields and wetlands, riders will be treated to an interesting diversity of wildlife and terrain (2).


3. Horseshoe Trail: This trail, perfectly suited to its name, is a passionate equestrian's paradise. It's part of a 140-mile trail that extends to the Appalachian Trail in Dauphin County from Valley Forge. Approximately 7 miles of this trail meander through the beautiful parkland of French Creek State Park (3).


4. Lenape Trail: Covering about 3 miles, the Lenape Trail offers a shorter, yet thrilling journey for riders. It's a perfect choice if you're after a quick ride around the park. The trail offers views of the stunning wetlands and is home to a diverse variety of plant and animal species (2).


Embrace the joy of riding amidst the beauty of French Creek State Park, where stunning natural landscapes, interesting terrain and diverse wildlife fuse to give you an unforgettable equestrian adventure. Hop onto your saddle and get ready to trot along these trails that specifically welcome horses!


Please note: All visitors are advised to treat the natural surroundings with respect, ensuring all waste is properly disposed of, respecting both fellow riders and wildlife, and following regulations for trail use. 


Remember to always verify the trail information with the official French Creek State Park website or call the park office before you hoppity up, to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.




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