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General George Crook National Recreation Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails at General George Crook National Recreation Trail, Arizona 



Arizona's spectacular landscapes offer a unique experience for horseback riding, and one spot that particularly stands out is the General George Crook National Recreation Trail. This article provides an exclusive guide to the trails here that are friendly to our equine companions. 


1. The General George Crook trail itself: 

We begin with the crown jewel, the General George Crook trail. Sir George Crook was a U.S. Army officer, often acknowledged for his significant contributions to the Apache Wars. Winding through 140 miles of scenic Arizona wilderness, this trail was historically designed for military use but now opens its doors to all, including horses. The trail is well known for its rich history, vibrant ecology, and panoramic views. 


2. The Highline Trail: 

One of the many trails that intersect with the General George Crook trail is the Highline trail. Horses are welcome on this trail that spans about 51 miles. Snaking along the edge of the Mogollon Rim, it offers riders unparalleled views of outstanding Arizona landscapes. 


3. The Blue Ridge section: 

If you are looking for less crowded trails, head to the Blue Ridge section of the General George Crook trail. It offers a wonderful riding experience along with views of the magnificent Blue Ridge Reservoir. Horse riders frequently report spotting a rich variety of wildlife while riding on this less-traveled trail.


Before embarking on your exciting adventure, always remember to respect trail rules and practice Leave No Trace principles (3). Bring enough water, snacks and don't forget to pack a camera! The unforgettable scenic horse rides at General George Crook National Recreation Trail make for some great photos.







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