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Georgetown Rowley State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Georgetown Rowley State Forest Horse Riding Trails


Are you and your equine buddy looking for a fun new adventure in the lush greenery of Massachusetts? Georgetown Rowley State Forest has got you covered! Future adventures are waiting for you on individually recognized trails that offer absolute thrilling experiences. Let's have a look at these paths, all welcoming horses. 


1. **Lufkin's Brook Riverside Trail**

This serene 4.6-mile trail loops along the forest, beginning and culminating at the parking lot off Pingree Farm Road. Riders often admire the brook's peaceful noises and colorful wildflowers lining the path in warmer months. This flat, multi-use trail is a perfect route for horse-rides at sunset.


2. **Pingree Loop Trail**

As a beginner-friendly path, Pingree Loop winds through 4.5 miles of rich woodland scenery. This trail is a popular destination among horse riders for its moderate flat track that gently winds beneath a thick canopy, providing an exceptional beginner horse riding experience.


3. **Prospect Hills Loop Trail**

This 4.2-mile trail offers breathtaking views of the natural woodland and fields. It's the perfect trail for equestrians who enjoy putting their horses through more challenging terrain with a blend of flat sections and hilly slopes. 


4. **Bald Hills Loop Trail**

Famous for its spellbinding sights of the Bald Hills, this 3.9-mile loop trail is moderately difficult, making it a favorite among more experienced riders. The Bald Hills Loop Trail's unique mix of both flat and ascendant paths allows riders and their horses to enjoy a diversity of scenery and training grounds.


5. **Mill River Trail**

Marked for its long scenic corridors and the blissful view of the Mill River, this 4-mile trail requires riders to maneuver their horses across bridges and intricate pathways. Experience horse riding with a splash, making it an exhilarating and memorable journey.


These highlighted trails within the Georgetown Rowley State Forest are marked explicitly for horses providing riders with varied experiences yet ensuring every corner carries its unique beauty. So saddle up and hit these trails to crank up your horse-riding adventure to an overwhelming experience amidst the natural beauty of Massachusetts.


Let your horse feel the freedom of the wilderness under the protective canopy of ancient trees and experience a bond unfelt before at Georgetown Rowley State Forest.



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Please note, ensure horses are leashed, and all trail rules are followed for a safe and enjoyable experience. Double-check trail status before your visit as some trails might be temporarily closed due to weather or refurbishments. 



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